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About Espark Tech

We are a passionate Product Architecture from
Pune. Do beautiful and easy-to-use digital
design & web development

Established in 2017, E-spark Tech came into the market with a singular and unified vision. Our main aim was to enrich young minds with the right knowledge and guide them in the right direction. E-Spak Tech is equally motivated towards serving clients with the finest aid in the industry. If you need any service related to the Project development process or PCB Designing Software, your search ends here. E-spark tech is one of the finest organizations in the industry. It is our sole mission to embark on the journey that comprises of the finest technological courses and spread them amongst our youth and serve our customers with top-notch service.

Our highly skilled and trained professionals will take you on a joy ride and introduce you to the world of Robotics, Automatic, Printed Circuit Board Designing, CSE, ENTC, and whatnot. It became our vision to nurture these young talents so that they can reach their full potential. E-spark Tech comprises several online courses like Embedded Systems, VLSI, Cloud Computing, MATLAB, Robotics, etc., We've everything you've been looking for. Our organization caters to your special needs. We'll give you exclusive insight on Mobile Application Development tools and techniques as well as Website Development technologies.

It is our objective to reach out to every potential candidate and teach them about a whole different world that is full of interest and enthusiasm. Unleash your talent in the world and create something so astounding that the entire society will be spellbound. E-spark Tech aspires to the next destination for Digital Marketing enthusiasts. Allow us to brighten your websites with Digital Marketing services.

  • Robotics
  • IoT
  • Embedded Systems
  • VLSI
  • Cloud Computing
  • Automation
  • GPS System
  • Android Development
  • Website Development
Our Mission

Educate & Inspire Students.

E-spark Tech has a sole mission to create a trusting bond with the youth as well as customers by providing ingenious solutions for interpersonal growth and prosperity.

Our Vision

Make Students Experienced in Industrial Project

It became our vision to nurture young talents and provide unique service to our clientele and get recognized as one of the supreme organizations in the digital industry.

Our Plan

Design & Deliver Innovative Projects.

E-spark Tech was based on a simplified yet crucial plan to curate unique Digital Marketing techniques to serve your website astoundingly. We've also branched out to remold bright minds with the diverse knowledge of electronics and technology.

Meet Our Specialist Team

We’re committed to work and play our client with full of Features

Shardul Kondekar

Web Design Builder & Seo Specialist

We’re committed to work and play our client with full of Features

Narendra Mule

Web Design Builder & Seo Specialist

We’re committed to work and play our client with full of Features

Sakshi Jain

Web Design Builder & Seo Specialist

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