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BE Projects

Embedded Systems

  • 3 Node CAN Communication for Temperature Monitoring and Airbag Control System
  • CAN Communication Based Engine Temperature and Alcohol Monitoring and Control System
  • CAN Base Home Automation for Fire Detection and Indoor Air Quality Monitoring
  • CAN Based Smart Sensor Network for Indoor Air Quality Monitoring
  • CAN Communication Based Advance Industrial Motor Control Systems
  • Vehicle To Vehicle Communication System Using CAN Protocol
  • CAN Communication Based Airbag System With Password Protected Control System
  • Dash Board Design Using CAN bus (Speed, Temperature ,Fuel Level)
  • CAN Protocol Implementation for Industrial Process Control
  • Vehicle Control System implementation Using CAN Protocol
  • Multi motor Control System Design Based on CAN Protocol
  • Design of Bus Data Acquisition and Remote Monitoring system Based on CAN bus and GPS

  • CAN Based Pollution Monitoring and Control System
  • 3 Node CAN Communication for Temperature Monitoring and Control With Left and Right
  • CAN Protocol Based Green House Management System(Temp ,Humidity)
  • CAN Protocol Based High Speed Design of Railway Safety System
  • CAN Protocol Based Vehicle Security System With Fingerprint Access
  • Complete Automation of Automobile control System Using CAN Protocol
  • Sensor Network Implementation Using CAN Protocol
  • Flight Parameters Based on CAN bus
  • Design of Vehicle Data Acquisition and Fault Diagnosis Using CAN
  • CAN Protocol Based Collision Avoidance System for Automobiles
  • Design of Monitoring System for Coal mine Safety Based on WSN and CAN bus
  • Industrial Automation Using CAN Protocol (Motor Speed Control Based on Temperature)