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BE Projects


  • Wireless PC Operated Robot with GUI Using MATLAB Using RF Modules for Wireless Communication
  • Biomedical Parameter Graphical Visualization Using MATLAB with Sound Indication in case of Emergency
  • Wireless (RF/Zigbee) Based Smart Trolley for Malls Using RFID Technology with GUI Using MATLAB at Cash Counter
  • Wireless (RF/Zigbee) PC guard Monitoring System with GUI Using MATLAB
  • Wireless Sensor Network Based Agriculture Parameter Monitoring System with GUI using MATLAB
  • RFID Based Passport Details Management System at Airport with Database Management Using MATLAB
  • Wireless (Zigbee/RF) Graphical Visualization of Coal Mine Parameter (Temp, CO, Smoke) Using MATLAB GUI
  • Microcontroller Based Advance Car Parameter System Using MATLAB
  • Robotic ARM Movement Control for Industrial Application Using MATLAB Based GUI

  • Vehicle Engine Vibration Monitoring Using Accelerometer Sensor with Graphical Visualization using MATLAB
  • Serial Communication Between Microcontroller and PC using MATLAB GUI
  • Analysis and Feature Extraction of EEG Signals Induced by Anesthesia Monitoring Based on Wavelet Transform
  • ECG Baseline Wander Correction and Denoising Based on Sparsity
  • A Novel Technique to Diagnose Sleep Apnea in Suspected Patients Using Their ECG Data
  • Cognitive Smart Healthcare for Pathology Detection and Monitoring
  • An Efficient and Robust Data Compression Algorithm in Wireless Sensor Networks
  • Acoustic Echo Cancellation With Adaptive Filtering
  • An Overview of Noise-Robust Automatic Speech Recognition
  • OFDM PAPR Reduction with Digital Amplitude Predistortion
  • Detection and Classification of OFDM
  • Noise Removal ECG Signal Using Non-Adaptive Filters and Adaptive Filter Algorithm