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BE Projects


  • MEMS Accelerometer Based Hand Gesture Controlled Robot
  • Line Follower Robot for Industrial Automation with Auto obstacle Detection
  • Object identification Robot Depending on Color
  • Color Identification Robot with Obstacle Detection System
  • Robot Control Using Mobile SMS
  • Robot Control Using DTMF technology
  • Robot Control Using missed call
  • Hand Motion Based Robot with Fire Detection Facility
  • Wireless Robot with Audio Rotating Camera
  • Identification Robot with Voice Playback
  • Missed call Based Robot Control System

  • Hand Motion Based Robot With Camera Facility for Video surveillance
  • Wireless Human Gesture Control Based Robotic arm Using Flex Sensors
  • DTMF Based robot control
  • Haptic Technology Based Robotic Movement Control Using Microcontroller
  • Robotic Car Controlling through Keys
  • Robotic Car Controlling through PC
  • Automatic Floor Scrubbing Robot
  • Touch Screen Based Robotic Car Control with Automatic Obstacle Avoidance
  • DTMF controlled Live Human Being Detection Robot
  • Bomb Detecting Robot with Metal Detection Sensor with Obstacle Avoidance Facility
  • Wireless Whether Monitoring Robot Car(SMS) Color