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Diploma Projects


  • Finger Print and Keypad Based Industrial Access Control System for Security
  • Industrial Appliances Monitoring and Controlling System Using GSM with fencing auto Alerts
  • Touch Screen Based Advanced Industrial/power grid Automation System (wireless)
  • Temperature Based Fan Speed Controller System and SMS Alerts Using GSM for Industry
  • Multiple Transformers Oil Temperature Monitoring with Automatic Circuit Breaker Operation with SMS Alert
  • Wireless Stepper Motor Control using RF Communication
  • Coal Mine Parameter Monitoring System(Temp, CO, Smoke) with SMS Support

  • Solar Intensity Based Street Light Controlling System
  • Sun Tracking Solar Panel Using DC Motor
  • Sun Tracking Solar Panel Using Stepper Motor
  • Railway Track Safety System With Advanced Rain Sensor and Water Level Sensor With SMS Support
  • Head Movement Based wireless Wheel chair Control for Paralyzed Patient
  • Advance Voting Machine with GSM (SMS System) using Advance AVR Controller
  • Patient Monitoring Systems with SMS Alert in Hospitals

  • Advanced Human Motion Tracking Robot for military Applications
  • Automatic Street Light control System Using Microcontroller
  • Touch Screen And Zigbee /RF Based Wireless Assistant For Dumb/Illiterates In Airlines
  • Safe Parcel (Courier ) Systems with SMS and GPS support
  • Hand Movement Based wireless wheel chair Control with fire Detection
  • Auditorium Power Control and Fire Detection Systems
  • RFID Based Railway Reservation System
  • DAM Automation System with Wireless level measurement and Gate control
  • Heart Rate and Body Temperature Meter System Using Microcontroller