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ME/M.Tech Projects

Industrail Projects

Hand Gesture Controlled Robot

Students at Alpha Engineers have made a four-wheel robot with its customized wheels and controlled with sensors and controllers. We can develop such robot with Arduino UNO, Raspberry Pi, and many more Controllers. With much in detail, a little robotic arm can be controlled by an accelerometer and two flex sensors. The use of Flex Sensor would make the robotic arm/hand more like to follow and observe closely and secretly. Similarly, a flex sensor would give you output in analog form, they work as a voltage divider.


Unmanned aerial Vehicles UAVs possess the capacity to transport goods quickly, safely, and inexpensively across both accessible and inaccessible terrains such as to stranded mountain climbers or boats. Medical supplies are typically delivered by ground transport as well as aircraft, both fixed and rotor wing. During emergencies, the availability of blood products and pharmaceuticals is often limited at critical access hospitals, and conventional channels of supply may become disrupted. So, here comes a drone made by students of ALPHA ENGINEERS which carries such products to each and every location quickly.