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ME/M.Tech Projects

Computer Security

  • Collective Face Detection Project
  • College automation project
  • Automated Attendance System
  • Mobile Attendance System Project
  • Improved Data Leakage Detection
  • Criminal Investigation Tracker with Suspect Prediction
  • Facial Expression Recognition
  • Hybrid AES DES encryption algorithm(any combination of algorithms is available)
  • Graphical Password By Image Segmentation

  • Android Anti-Virus Application
  • Three Level Password Authentication System
  • Attack Source Tracing Project
  • Graphical Password Strategy
  • Software Piracy Protection Project
  • file encryption using fibonacci series
  • Internet Border Patrol
  • Detecting Data Leaks
  • Camera Motion Sensing Project

  • Mobile Self Encryption
  • Detecting Data Leaks
  • Sql Injection Prevention Project
  • Improved Honeypot Project
  • Video Surveillance Project
  • Customized AES using Pad and Chaff Technique And Diffie Hellman Key Exchange
  • Detecting Data Leaks via Sql Injection Prevention on an E-Commerce
  • Cloud Based Improved File Handling and Duplication Removal Using MD5