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ME/M.Tech Projects

Embedded Systems

  • ARM Microcontroller Based Advanced soldier Tracking and Monitoring Systems with SMS and GPS Support
  • CAN Based Smart Sensor Network for Indoor Air Quality Monitoring
  • GPS Based Intelligent Ambulance Tracking with Patient Parameter Monitoring and Automatic Traffic Clearance
  • Wireless RF/Zigbee Based menu Card Systems for Hotel for Multimode
  • Wireless RF/Zigbee Based 3-Axis Robotic ARM Controller Using Accelerometer(Hand Motion)
  • Biometric Fingerprint Based Electronic Voting System for rigging Free Governance Using ARM7 TDMI Based LPC 2148 Controller or PIC Controller
  • Vehicle Control System implementation Using CAN Protocol
  • Wireless Wheel Chair Control Systems Using Hand Motion with obstacle and Fire Detection with SMS
  • Video Remote Robotic arm for Precision Handling with PC Interface
  • ARM Based Wireless Electronic Notice Board with Audio Playback with SMS Support
  • Intelligent Braking System for rear Side Collision Prevention Based on CAN Bus