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ME/M.Tech Projects


  • Defect Detection in Ceramic Tiles
  • Hand Gesture Recognition Using Image Processing
  • Diabetic Retinopathy Detection From Retinal Images
  • Brain Tumor Detection Using Image Segmentation
  • Object Tracker Based on Color
  • Image Blurring and Deblurring with Noise Removal
  • Digital Watermarking to Hide Text Messages
  • Removal of Background from Image Using MATLAB
  • Optical Character Extraction Under Different Illumination Conditions
  • Robust Text Detection in Natural Scene Images
  • Face Detection and Recognition Using MATLAB
  • Vehicle Classification and Counting
  • Visual Object Tracking Based on Backward Model Validation

  • Analysis and Feature Extraction of EEG Signals Induced by Anesthesia Monitoring Based on Wavelet Transform
  • ECG Baseline Wander Correction and Denoising Based on Sparsity
  • A Novel Technique to Diagnose Sleep Apnea in Suspected Patients Using Their ECG Data
  • Cognitive Smart Healthcare for Pathology Detection and Monitoring
  • An Efficient and Robust Data Compression Algorithm in Wireless Sensor Networks
  • Acoustic Echo Cancellation With Adaptive Filtering
  • An Overview of Noise-Robust Automatic Speech Recognition
  • OFDM PAPR Reduction with Digital Amplitude Predistortion
  • Detection and Classification of OFDM
  • Noise Removal ECG Signal Using Non-Adaptive Filters and Adaptive Filter Algorithm
  • Diagnosis of ophthalmologic Disorders in Retinal Fundus Images a Defective Eye from a Normal Eye