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ME/M.Tech Projects


  • Microcontroller Based Visible Light Follower Robot
  • Obstacle Avoidance Robot With Video Surveillance
  • Line Follower Robot Video Surveillance
  • Solar Based Robot Controlled using Wireless ZIGBEE / RF technology
  • Voice Operated Two Axis Robotic control system
  • Voice Operated Three Axis Robotics control system
  • Solar Based Robot Controlled Using Accelerometer
  • Zigbee Based Robotic Car Control Using Accelerometer
  • Advanced Human Motion Tracking Robot for military Applications
  • Keypad Controlled Wireless Robot for Bomb Detection Using Metal Detector Sensor
  • Wireless Voice Controlled data acquisition robot
  • Bluetooth Based wireless Robot Control
  • Robotic ARM Control Using Hap tic Technology (wireless RF/Zigbee)
  • Robotic Arm Control Using PC
  • PC Based Robot using Zigbee /RF with Obstacle Detection (Camera Optional)
  • Distance Monitoring and Object Detecting Robot