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E-Spark Tech is proud to announce that we organize extensive and thorough workshops to familiarize you with the aspects of IoT, PCB designing, Embedded Systems, Raspberry Pi, Arduino, Robotics, Mobile Application Development, Web App, etc.

IoT- Our IoT workshop will give you a comprehensive insight into the Internet of Things that allows you to transfer data without human interference via a wireless module.

Mobile Application Development- The world of the internet is optimized by mobile applications. Learn the skillset to develop a mobile application and be the face of tomorrow.

PCB Designing- PCB Design allows you to have a pragmatic experience with the physical layout of the circuit board. Our live workshop will teach you everything about the function of the board. You can use this knowledge for industrial purposes.

Raspberry Pi- If you wish to gather insight or need service on programming languages like Python, Scratch, etc., join our Raspberry Pi workshop and learn everything from the experts.

Our team of professionals will guide you through the integrated courses of technology. Learn how to develop a website or a mobile application by following some simple techniques. With us, you have the opportunity to learn how to operate layout software, analog and digital transmissions, and all kinds of software technology at an affordable rate. Don’t miss out on traversing the world of software intellect from the comfort of your home.

Our Workshops

Embedded Systems Hardware

Java Software

IoT Workshop Hardware

Python Machine Learning

MySQL DBMS Software

Arduino Hardware